Podcast Ignition System for a Popular and Profitable Podcast

Make Money from Home Listening to Podcasts

Freelance in the Hottest Industry

We'll give you exclusive access as we train you to turn a single podcast episode into 41+ Pieces of content with a cornerstone process in our Podcast Ignition System.

  • We refer podcasting clients to our own CVPA's (and we need more)

  • Finish training with work examples that clients can look at and have a good idea of what to expect.

Getting freelance jobs can be difficult without already having professional content to show for it. We make the investment into writers and graphic designers so you have those work examples when you finish the training!!


No Experience Necessary to become an expert on a revolutionary podcast production system. Before you do anything, watch this video and read the information below to see how you could make $3400-$4200 per month* working for yourself, from home, with just 4 podcaster clients. There is even higher earning potential with more clients!

Jason Nunez Certified Virtual Production Assistant

Eyes Open to Another Level

Loved it. This experience opened my eyes to another level as to where podcasts can go. - Jason Nunez, CVPA and Podcaster

Dominate the Premier Editing System in 4 Weeks to Attract Top Podcasters

This Is Not for Everyone. IS THIS FOR YOU?

✔️ You finish things that you start and hit deadlines

✔️ You do what you say you'll do and are reliable with no excuses

✔️ You enjoy providing amazing service to help build people up with great communication

✔️ You have attention for detail

✔️ You are fearless when it comes to technology and have fast internet

✔️ You want to work from home as you help good influencers spread their message!

No Initial Training Fee! Just one, simple, $250 monthly subscription. "Can't afford" it?

Edit Podcasts as a Virtual Assistant

Mondays at 3 PM Mountain Time - Next Session Starts

STEP 1: Training

4 Weekly Training Sessions

You get 90 Minute LIVE trainings with our CVPA Specialist at the beginning of each week to go through your assignment for the week and answer any questions that you have.


We eliminated the $2495 training fee and only charge a monthly subscription. You still get the training that is worth MORE than what we used to charge, we are looking for amazing people like you to offer it as more of a "scholarship." To streamline it, we accept you first - then the program is yours "to lose" (as they say).

But don't miss out! Once we have enough CVPA's to comfortably accommodate current and projected new clients, we will close the registration.

Samantha Alforja Certified Virtual Production Assistant

Such a Wonderful Mentor

I really like how the training went. I learned by doing things rather than things being explained to me, so fidgeting around like that is the best way that I could learn. Tiffany’s also such a wonderful mentor, in that she is very hands-on with everything and is very open to questions. I really appreciate that. - Samantha Alforja

Our Vision

I started this company in 2016 as a digital marketing agency. I started the "Chat and Grow Masterminds Podcast" in 2018 and BreakAway Agents a year later.

It wasn't until the "Great Pivot of 2020" that we took a tiny shift that changed everything. Our focus was turned to making it easy for people who have something to share with the world .... share it with the world!

~ Tiffany Youngren, Owner/Founder OMH Agency and the CVPA Program

We Don't Run this Many Times Each Year - Get in Now!

No Initial Training Fee! Just a Simple, $250 Monthly Subscription. "Can't afford" it?

What to Expect During Your First 4 Weeks

Weekly live, interactive training sessions followed by hands-on experience running the system, with support and guidance from industry leaders along the way.



Round 1 Edit

You'll join other eager professionals in learning the basics of the software you'll be using. After the session, you'll prepare the master audio for the episode you are provided.



Round 2 Edit

The Second Round Edit really takes you into the nuts and bolts of the magic of pulling content from a single podcast. You will be in the driver's seat as you pull content.



QC & Organization

We'll show you best practices to review and organize the media for distribution once the graphic designer, video editor, and writers return the finished media.



Wrap Up & Empower

Learn the quick and easy process to send the content you just assembled off to the Distribution Team. Then, we'll show you how to be successful working with podcasters!


How to Get Hired After Certification

OMH Agency refers podcasting clients to the CVPA directory. Those clients nearly always take our advice. OMH Agency also hires CVPA's from the program, but since we want you to stay busy, here are some ways to take charge and get more clients (which could also help you command a higher rate more quickly).

Here are 6 ways to improve your chances of getting and keeping more (and better) CVPA podcaster clients.

Optimize Your Listing

The main things that stand out are the description, price, and photo. Your description should be brief but informative. And remember, podcasters are looking for someone to edit their podcast, do your best to use an image that looks professional.

Tell Podcasters

Eager CVPA's who take the opportunity to share their new role with podcasters are taking control of the situation. Find podcasters you love who don't seem to get a lot of content out on social media. Remember: you could make a good living with just 4 podcasters! Let's find them!

Be Amazing

This is really what separates the struggling CVPA's from the successful ones. Some ways to stand out are: be responsive, on time, and return high quality work with attention to detail. Don't let things fall by the wayside.

Price Right

Podcasters invest a lot into their podcasts and feel a sense of risk when they first hire a CVPA. They also pay for the software, graphic design, video editing, and distribution. What you do is extremely valuable and should be compensated fairly, but don't price yourself out of jobs. We recommend an introductory rate of $150-$200 per episode.

Share on Social

The more you share your experiences, tag @OMHAgency and your managers, the more you'll be at the top of everyone's minds. Posting on social media and in emails about your joy of editing podcasts and linking people to OMH Agency and the Podcast Ignition System makes sure we know you're active and enthusiastic.

Keep Up on Training

Stay up to date on any changes in the system and in podcasting in general. We provide ongoing training and support to subscribers - staying current, again, keeps you top of mind with those who refer CVPA's and makes you a better CVPA so you can get and keep more jobs.

Debi Jenkins Certified Virtual Production Assistant

A Great Learning Experience

A great learning experience. I liked how well you were organized, Tiffany, and I feel like with a few more shows I could become even quicker with the whole process. And I definitely learn by seeing things, so a template … will definitely help, because once you learn to do it right and see it the way it’s supposed to be, it’s easier to get it done right the next time. - Debi Jenkins, CVPA and Podcaster


Is a Lifestyle Business Worth the Investment?

The CVPA's that we hire and connect with other podcasters average $150-200 per episode. Once you learn the system, it should take 8-10 hours per episode for you to produce. Here's an example: let's say you have 4 clients who release weekly episodes. In this example, you could bring in $3,500-$4,200* in total revenue per month as your own boss!


You can work where you want and only have to coordinate your schedule with your clients, whom you select.

Higher Wage

Most CVPA's are very happy to bring home over $20 per hour working for themselves. One even moved on and got an amazing job because of their training and certification!

Trade Course on Podcast Editing

High ROI

It won't take long to enjoy a healthy return on your investment - or use your skills to profit from your own podcast!

Industry Leading Support

Whether you need help getting through the training, or need to learn how to bill clients, we want the very best to succeed.

We Don't Run this Many Times Each Year - Get in to Get into the Next Session!

No Initial Training Fee! Just a Simple, $250 Monthly Subscription. "Can't afford" it?

After the Training:We want you to succeed!

Once you are trained on the 41+ Pieces Workflow for Podcasts, we walk you through what to do to get your first clients and do our best to keep you very busy. A monthly subscription is required for ongoing support and access to services.

Even More


Weekly training and homework. The first month opens up the possibilities. Ongoing training keeps you rolling.



Responsive support! Slack your trainer, and our team will be there to help when you need it.

Profile in the


Your Freelancer Page. Active CVPA's enjoy a profile page on the CVPA services directory.



EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our 41+ Pieces Workflow. We are very selective about who gets access, and CVPA's do.


Reserve Your Spot

The training our CVPA's receive and the relationship we build helps those entering our circle have the best opportunity for success.

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Earn Good Money Doing What You Love

Get in Now for Personalized Training to Fit Your Needs

We Don't Run this Many Times Each Year

No Initial Training Fee! Just a Simple, $250 Monthly Subscription. "Can't afford" it?

Michele Joyce Balsomo Certified Virtual Production Assistant

Everything is Systematic

Everything is systematic. I love the experience where we are guided all throughout the process. Also I love that the podcast is not just the usual audio version. - Michele Joyce Balsomo

This is a Huge Opportunity to Take Control of Your Time

Results are not guaranteed, but how long can you afford a profit?

To show you how an entrepreneur would look at it - here is a calculation based on working with 4 podcasters who record weekly, 30-45 minute episodes:

Here is an Example for Illustrative Purposes:

If you get $200 per episode x 52 weeks ÷ 12 months = $866.67 per month from ONE podcaster

x 4 podcasters = $3466.67 per month!

If you pick up even 1 new weekly podcaster, you could easily pay for your subscription and have a nice profit!!

OMH Agency, the CVPA program, and any person or organization connected to it do not guarantee that CVPA's will get hired. We give you the tools, but it's up to you to win and keep jobs.

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